TaxDome Academy

Learn all TaxDome features to reduce time-to-value for your firm and clients, automate your routine, scale cost-efficiently and validate your expertise with certification. 

TaxDome Certification

TaxDome Academy Certification showcases your expertise – which increases your market value so that you can attract new accounting clients. Besides, you can onboard new hires quickly and ease the learning curve for them.

What’s in it for you?

TaxDome Academy courses are of great help to both new and existing subscribers:

New to TaxDome?

Master TaxDome rapidly and adapt it to your business needs based on clear and concise instructions

Managing a team?

Help new hires onboard independently so they can hit the ground running

Savvy TaxDome user?

Stay up-to-speed with the latest features and implement them in your tax management practice with ease

Get listed in the Advisor Directory as a trusted TaxDome Academy Certified Advisor, increase your outreach and find new accounting clients!

Why learn with TaxDome Academy?

Save time and money

Learn to automate your practice management routine and save up to 40 work hours per employee per month

Scale your practice

Streamline your practice management, reduce repetitive tasks and free up more time for billable work

Showcase your skills

Validate your TaxDome expertise with certificates, get listed in the Advisor Directory to attract new customers

Personalized learning

Master TaxDome features at your own pace, access any course and any lesson whenever you need

Drive Academy evolution

Provide feedback on what the TaxDome Education Team should improve or what courses to add

How to enroll in the Academy courses?

How to enroll in the Academy courses?

Available courses

TaxDome Quick Guide

Four lessons, 35 min. This course will guide you through the steps needed to configure your TaxDome account and use our main features. 

You’ll learn:

  • How TaxDome workflows work
  • How to set up your CRM and import clients to TaxDome
  • How to implement effective and traceable communication with clients
  • How to get your team onboard

How to Get Started With TaxDome

Three lessons, 45 min. This course is designed to simplify the new-hire onboarding process while educating them about the basics of TaxDome. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your custom CRM
  • How to upload and manage documents
  • How to communicate with your clients

*The course is available in multiple languages: ES, DE, FR, IT, NL, PT, DA, SE.

How to Use Organizers

Three lessons, 45 min. Suitable for both new and current users, the course shows how to gather information from your clients efficiently with TaxDome custom-designed questionnaires. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to create and customize questionnaires with conditional logic
  • How to send organizers and encourage clients to submit them ASAP
  • How to automate organizers by integrating them into your pipelines

How to Streamline Exchanging Documents

Three lessons, 55 min. This course will help you get acquainted with how to store, manage and share documents with your clients within a single TaxDome workspace

You’ll learn:

  • How to upload documents to TaxDome
  • How to request documents from clients
  • How to work with documents uploaded to TaxDome

How to Automate Your Workflow

Four lessons, 80 min. This course introduces you to TaxDome workflow automation tools and shows you how to customize them to your business needs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create and manage templates for frequently used messages, emails, invoices, contracts, jobs and tasks
  • How to build a pipeline by breaking down your work cycle into different stages
  • How to streamline repeatable processes and automate your workflow

How to Sell TaxDome and Your Services

Four lessons, 70 min. This is the ideal course if you want to become a verified TaxDome consultant and earn income by sharing your TaxDome knowledge. You’ll learn:

You’ll learn:

  • The main TaxDome selling points and how to present them to win over your clients
  • How to showcase TaxDome’s value to different firms: Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • The best practices from the TaxDome sales team

Team Management with TaxDome (for Pro subscribers)

Three lessons, 45 mins. This course covers the differences in TaxDome user roles, how to manage your team and temporary employees, and build effective team communication. 

You will learn:

  • How to manage TaxDome user roles and access rights
  • How to manage access to Pipelines, Tasks and configure Workflows for temporary employees
  • How to use TaxDome tasks, mentions, and workflows to keep your team in the loop

TaxDome Academy Invoices & Contracts

Four lessons, 60 minutes. Grasp the basics of TaxDome’s invoicing and contracts. In these lessons you’ll find all you need to know about payment service providers, creating contracts for your clients, invoicing in an efficient way, and troubleshooting invoice issues — with a PDF checklist!

You will learn:

  • How to create invoices, lock documents, track time and more
  • How to manage payments and integrate with Stripe and CPACharge, as well as sync with Quickbooks
  • How to create, sign and manage contracts
  • How to troubleshoot any invoice-related issues 

How to use TaxDome for Bookkeeping

Learn all you need to know to use TaxDome for bookkeeping.

In this course, we cover:

  • How to set up TaxDome for bookkeeping
  • How to configure bookkeeping processes in TaxDome
  • How to communicate with bookkeeping clients and receive information from them
  • How to track time and invoice your bookkeeping clients

Coming soon

How to use TaxDome for Payroll

Info to be added

How to use TaxDome for tax prep

Info to be added

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Academy courses cost?

All the Academy courses are absolutely free.

Can I use your content for my own purposes?

According to the TaxDome Academy Terms of Use, we do not permit any of ou r users to publish, distribute, modify, enhance, translate or reproduce the content on third-party websites.

How often is this content updated?

We update our content on a regular basis to keep up with major and minor changes in TaxDome’s software.

Can I download the course lessons?

All of our courses are available online. You can watch them on the TaxDome Academy website

How do I take a course?

Log in to your Academy account by using your TaxDome credent ials. If you don’t have a TaxDome account, use your email address as your screen name and create a password. Then, choose a course from the curriculum and start learning TaxDome.

What if I didn’t pass the quiz?

If you didn’t pass the quiz, you will be given an opportunity to review your answers and make another attempt.

Where can I find my completion certificates?

You can find them on the My Certificates page of your Academy account. Learn more about how to access them here .

Can I share my certificate on social media?

This option is available in your Academy account. See how to share your certificate in our article


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