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bootcamp series 2.0

5 workshops with our experts available on-demand now

Don't miss this opportunity to maximize the power of TaxDome's core features!

Bootcamp session 1:
First steps with TaxDome

Master the ideal configuration of CRM: see how you can set it up and organize your client lists for seamless and efficient management:

  • Set up your TaxDome account

  • Get an overview of settings, insights and clients pages

  • Learn CRM basics and its ideal configuration

  • Learn bulk actions 

  • Prepare clients’ spreadsheets for import

Bootcamp session 2:
Importing your clients

Streamline client interactions with easy import and communication tools of TaxDome

  • Discover how to import your clients

  • Send messages, emails, documents and reminders

  • Perform bulk actions

  • Learn workflow basics: what is a Pipeline, Job and Task?

Bootcamp session 3:
Customizing workflows

Enhance efficiency with automated workflows and customized templates

  • Track your progress with pipelines

  • Speed up requesting documents and sending messages and invoices

  • Share access and assign team members to jobs and pipelines

Bootcamp session 4:
Testing workflows and setting up payments

Optimize workflows and simplify payment processes for your firm

  • Download and see how to use desktop app and mobile app

  • Customize workflow and pipelines

  • Test the pipeline for the firm and for the client

  • Explore invoicing with TaxDome and connect  payment 


Bootcamp session 5:
Final steps, best practices and Q&A

Discover best practices and most popular ways to use the portal and ask any remaining questions

  • White-label the portal & enable website hosting

  • Invite clients to the portal

  • Access more educational resources 

  • Benefit from an extended Q&A session

Additional resources

Resources that you can save and use immediately

5 live workshops

Guiding you through TaxDome features

Checklists & handouts

To recap what you’ve learned

19 templates

For invoices, proposals, emails, messages and organizers

Workflow kanban board

A template for tax prep in stages and tasks

What our clients say about TaxDome workshops

  • I like the 30-min presentation length, especially because we are onboarding 5 employees who may not all need all functions. This is WAY better than our prior practice (Thomson Reuters) where we had to pay for onboarding and gather at one time for the webinar.

    Kathy Vaccaro

    Kathy Vaccaro
  • Really informative. I am now using the product and the webinars put things into context for me.

    Andrea Dennis

    Andrea Dennis
  • As a newcomer to the program, I am working my way through the learning process first. I like having the ability to listen to the webinar again. It is hard to remember everything.

    Karen Wiseman

    Karen Wiseman

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Get started with TaxDome

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to attend TaxDome bootcamp?

An active account on TaxDome: to implement all the tips from live sessions in real-time and to save the templates.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yep. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to join us live, please register regardless to access the sessions later. After we edit the recordings, we will send you the link with instructions, as well as webinar materials. You can come back and rewatch the webinar whenever you want.

What if I have additional questions?

We're all ears. Email us at success@taxdome.com .

I don't see the email confirmation from you. What should I do?

Check your spam and promotions folders in your email. If there is nothing there, send your name and email to success@taxdome.com and we will help you.

It seems I entered the wrong email address/wrong name, what should I do?

You can register again with the correct email or send your name, email address, and company name to success@taxdome.com . We'll figure it out :)

Can I participate if I already use TaxDome?

This bootcamp is suitable for both new and experienced users of the platform. You will learn best approaches and practices, discover features to improve your workflow and get customized templates for your work.

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