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TaxDome Webinars & Tutorials

Join TaxDome webinars to get expert tips for automating workflows in accounting, tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll and more

Upcoming live webinars

Join TaxDome's free daily webinars to get hands-on training and live support as you get started

Every Monday, 1 pm EST

TaxDome 101: the implementation guide for getting started

Set up your TaxDome account within an hour and discover how the core features work

Every Tuesday, 1 pm EST

Workflow: how to leverage automation to manage internal processes

Discover how to manage your processes, enhance efficiency and track the progress of your work by automating most of your repetitive tasks

Every Wednesday, 1 pm EST

Getting paid: proposals, engagement letters and billing

Explore how TaxDome's billing functionalities make it easy both for your clients to pay bills and for you to get paid, automatically and on time

Every Thursday, 1 pm EST

Documents: secure storage, e-signatures, approvals, notifications and more

Simplify document management: centralize files, eliminate paperwork and streamline workflows with tools to organize and manage documents seamlessly

Every Friday, 1 pm EST

Team management: access rights, notifications and internal communication

Use TaxDome to foster collaboration, efficiently manage your team, and keep them focused and productive at all times

TaxDome’s bootcamp series:
5 hands-on workshops
from our experts

Explore TaxDome’s core features, optimize your workflows and set yourself up for success in time for tax season

Dec 11-15, 2023

  • Session 1: First steps with TaxDome

  • Session 2: Importing your clients

  • Session 3: Customizing workflows

  • Session 4: Testing workflows and setting up payments

  • Session 5: Final steps, best practices and Q&A

On-demand webinars

Replay in-depth webinars on maximizing TaxDome workflows

Recurring invoices & payment authorization

Learn how to get paid automatically, provide a great client experience and free up your time from administrative tasks to focus on billable work.

13 TaxDome reports to manage your firm more efficiently

Extract and print selected data and create reusable filter templates that you can share with your team.

TaxDome for payroll

Find out how to import clients, configure payroll processes and get documents from clients in TaxDome.

Effective team management and collaboration

Use TaxDome to improve team work at different stages: adding new members, managing access, and assigning and automating tasks.

How to communicate with your clients

Simplify and speed up communication via emails, secure messages, organizers and other TaxDome features.

Document workflow with TaxDome e-signatures

Learn how to incorporate e-signatures in your workflow and keep an audit trail of every signed document.

Watch video tutorials

Make the most out of TaxDome with our easy-to-follow video tutorials

Create your first client account in TaxDome 

Setup & implementation

2.5 Min

Copy the sample pipeline template 

Setup & implementation

2 Min

Automate adding jobs 

Setup & implementation

1 Min

How to prepare your client data for import 

CRM & clients

1 Min

Join Academy courses

Build your TaxDome skills with self-paced courses. Earn certificates and automate your workflow.

What our clients say about TaxDome webinars

  • I like the 30-min presentation length, especially because we are onboarding 5 employees who may not all need all functions. This is WAY better than our prior practice (Thomson Reuters) where we had to pay for onboarding and gather at one time for the webinar.

    Kathy Vaccaro

    Kathy Vaccaro
  • Really informative. I am now using the product and the webinars put things into context for me.

    Andrea Dennis

    Andrea Dennis
  • As a newcomer to the program, I am working my way through the learning process first. I like having the ability to listen to the webinar again. It is hard to remember everything.

    Karen Wiseman

    Karen Wiseman

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